Pastors & Leaders 

Jason Best

Lead Pastor

Jason Best is the lead pastor at Community Worship Center and has been pastoring here for the past ten years.  He is married to Brannan and they have three boys.  

Gene Best



Judy Stillwell


Pastor Judy is a woman of God who has been teaching God's Word since she was a young girl.  When she was eight years old she had an encounter with the Savior that forever changed her life.  As an adult she joined her husband at Calvary Bible College and began a journey to fulfill her life's passion of preparing others to receive the King of Glory.  After Judy received her licensing and ordination through the Minnesota District of the Assembly of God, she and Joe headed to St. James, MN where they spent the next twelve years in the pastorate.  Just a year ago they turned their hearts toward home & family and returned to the Sandstone area.  Judy is honored to be serving on the pastoral staff at Community Worship Center in Sandstone.  She is active in teaching, preaching, and counseling using the 'plumb line' of God's Word as her guide. 

Steve Kimmey

Worship Pastor

Steve Kimmey is the worship pastor at Community Worship Center.  He is married to Julie.  They have been a part of the CWC family since 2016.